Declassified Survival Guide to Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)

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7 min readNov 7, 2022


by Yuvna Jayant

If you are a business student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), you have probably faced the challenge of transitioning from the depressing pandemic life, to a very hectic in-person university lifestyle. Regardless of the buzzing Downtown Toronto location, Commerce students had to quickly adapt to a fully in-person environment within a short period of time, which can be extremely daunting.

Within these past few months, everyone has been extremely busy with adjusting to various new aspects of in-campus schooling and might not have had a chance to fully experience the university resources available.

To give you a glimpse of the following ‘Declassified Survival Guide to TRSM’, I will be covering top 10 tips and resources that enhanced my university and on-campus experience as a business student. So, make sure to grab a coffee or tea from Ted’s Kitchen and enjoy!

What do the famous 7,8, 9, floors mean on the elevators at TRSM?😵

You will be surprised to know that the floors at the TRSM building is always an interesting discussion point whenever someone enters the building for the first time.

The TRSM building is currently situated above Canadian Tire. Did you know that our faculty building is actually an extension of the Eaton Center facility? So, Floor 7 at TRSM is basically TRS — 1 and so on. Fun fact, it is labeled as “7” because it is the 7th floor of the Eaton Center.

I would suggest you watch this Youtube video as it is a tour guide for TRSM, done by our very own TRSS members back in 2018.

Follow, follow, FOLLOW! Stay engaged with student groups and sign up for events! 🤝

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms used by the 30+ student groups in TRSM.

The posts will vary from student group hiring and events to industry insights, so if you are looking to get involved, I would strongly recommend you to follow student groups’ Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget, you’re a business student too! Head over to LinkedIn and connect with your fellow commerce students, as networking is key in thriving during your undergraduate career!

Make sure to check out TRSS’ website, LinkedIn and Instagram and explore the diverse range of student groups present at TRSM!

Yes, there are microwaves on campus (#brokeuniversitystudentlife) 👩🏽‍🦯

Hopefully, this will stop you from getting takeout everyday on campus… In all seriousness, microwaves makes life easier and if you did not know already, you can find microwaves in the following locations:

  • Basement of the Toronto Metropolitan University Student Center (55 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9)
  • Ted Rogers School of Management (55 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 2C3)
  • Hub Café ( 1st floor in Jorgenson Hall, 1380 Victoria Street)
  • Library Coffee Kiosk (Sitting area on the bridge connecting the Library and Podium building)

Make sure to stay fit at the RAC and MAC this Winter! 💪🏻

Winter blues are right around the corner, which is why I would strongly recommend everyone to read this guide regarding gym services that are available on campus!

You pay for these services in your fees, so use them!

The Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) and Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) gyms have all types of equipment that will help you stay fit and they also provide many fun classes that you might want to look into!

The RAC gym also offers women’s only hours and you can look for more information regarding the programs and timings in the links provided!

During times of stress and when you feel not so great, TMU offers mental health resources!!💆‍♀️

Your health should always be your №1 priority, and do not let anyone make you think otherwise! TMU offers some great resources for Mental Health and Well being including the following services:

You can find more detailed information for these services in the links provided!

Always remember to prioritize your health and please do not be afraid to seek help!

Studying is not that easy, the PASS team at TRSM can help! 📚

The Program Advising and Success Team (aka PASS), is located on the first floor at TRSM (TRS 1–004)!

The PASS team is there to help you with program advising, mentoring, curriculum advice, tutoring, resources and most importantly…study tips! Make sure to give them a visit if you are in need for academic support.

Get your free certifications at the Business Career Hub (BCH)! 🤓

THE BUSINESS CAREER HUB ! The BCH team will be the key to your success at TRSM. BCH offers 1 on 1 chats with career consultants and co-op coordinators, and they also host many valuable industry networking events.

One of the most popular resources BCH provides are the bootcamps! There is a wide range of bootcamps provided by the BCH including Excel, Python, Tableau, Power Bi, Salesforce and many more. The team also issues certifications and badges that you can add to your LinkedIn profile!

Here is the link to the Fall 2022 bootcamp schedule and feel free to explore more of BCH’s services in this link.

We have a Commerce Line!! A brand made by students, for the students! Here to represent the Business Faculty.💃🏻

Yes. Yes we do. The Ted Rogers Students’ Society has been working on changing the name of our previous brand ‘Bay & Dundas.’ After months of planning and processing, our team was successfully able to launch our new brand known as ‘Fiftyfive’ this semester.

As of right now, many big events are in the works to launch our new brand and apparel line, and we can promise you that the wait will definitely be worth it!

Keep an eye out for big announcements and apparel launches on fiftyfive’s Instagram this month 💜 Stay tuned as another CLEARANCE SALE is coming up 👀

Just 2 words — CASE COMPETITIONS! 😎

Now that you have successfully enrolled yourself into a reputable university program, it is time for you to set yourself apart in the industry you want to enter.

Lucky for you, we have so many active student groups that host numerous case competitions and conferences that allow you to build your communication and networking skills. TRSS also funds external competitions and conferences that you can apply to using this link.

Major conferences and case competitions are all posted on the TRSS’ and student group Instagram pages so make sure to check them out and sign up!

Finally, our showstopper to this guide: relax and chill spots on campus! 😴

The Student Learning Center (SLC) is the obvious winner if this was a competition. However, the SLC is not the only nice spot on campus and there are some spots that are not as popular and I would encourage you to try for yourself!

  1. Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC) building (88 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 1Z5) This building has so many spots to relax and study in various areas! There are many comfortable sofas, single chairs, and round tables that you can also bring your friends to, so 10/10 would recommend.
  2. Kerr Quad — This may be slightly controversial, but to all my nature lovers… the Kerr Quad is one of the best spots to have a nice picnic and a relaxing reading session. A lot of students also bring games to play while relaxing in the quad, so 10/10 would recommend!
  3. Ted Rogers School of Management — My bias towards the TRSM building is completely valid because have you seen the building after it was revamped during the pandemic! There are so many more study spots, sofas, chairs, group tables and breakout rooms now. If you ever want to find a relaxing place to study or chill, TRSM is the place for you!
  4. Oakham Cafe — This is an extremely underrated spot on campus! Situated in the Toronto Metropolitan Student Center, the Oakham cafe is a nice relaxing spot where you can grab delicious food for yourself or with your friends. Again, I would definitely recommend!

The moment you have been waiting for….we have finally reached the end of the ‘Declassified Survival Guide to TRSM’!

Thank you for reading until the end and I hope that the variety of resources and tips provided in this guide would help you in some way during your university life 😁



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