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How to Have a Hot Student Summer

School’s out, you’re excited about the summer, but inevitably, you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to spend your time off. Sure, you could be working to gain some experience in your field and maybe even doing some planning for your future. But remember, this is your time off, your time to relax and enjoy the weather and some good company. So the question is: what can you do? Let’s take a look at some suggestions to keep you entertained!

Go on a food adventure

School can keep you busy, so having leftovers and takeout frequently is completely normal. But now that you have more free time, you can experiment with your favourite foods and try new dishes. If you’re looking for some easy recipes, check out some of our previous suggestions here. For some more inspiration, take a look at other blogs, like Simply Recipes, BuzzFeed Tasty, and Healthy Happy Life! If you’re not into cooking, finally try that new cafe or restaurant that you and your friends have been talking about!

Have some virtual fun with friends

Although it is safer to meet up in-person now, with vaccine rollouts, it is definitely okay to still be a little nervous. But that shouldn’t stop you from replicating the fun you have with friends virtually. Miss going to the movie theatres? Watch a movie or tv series with your friends over Zoom! Feel like having a game night? Download House Party or try out some online games like Spyfall, Cards Against Humanity, or Skribblio.

Pick up an old hobby

With your head in the books, it might’ve been hard to give yourself the time to unplug and focus on other interests outside of school. With this time off, get back to an old hobby or try a new one. Create a summer reading list for yourself, paint something new every week, or cut some time out every evening to play an instrument or practice tricks on your skateboard. You’ve got the chance now, so spend time doing some things you love!

Get outside!

Yes, scrolling through TikTok is an option, and yes, binging Suits and Money Heist is tempting. But go outside and get some fresh air! Find a trail near you and go for a hike or bike ride with friends or family. Make it a goal to go to a new park every weekend and explore a bit while you’re there. Some parks like Kelso/Glen Eden Conservation Area have big picnic areas and even kayak rentals!

Try to become ambidextrous

Ambidexterity refers to the “ability to use the right and left hands equally.” Only 1% of the population is truly ambidextrous, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem to get close to it. All you have to do is start doing simple tasks with your non-dominant hand. Using the TV remote or mouse, brushing your teeth or hair, playing an instrument, eating with a fork and knife, and even writing are all day-to-day activities that you can practice with your non-dominant hand. Although being ambidextrous doesn’t make you smarter, it makes you physically more capable. It’s also a cool party trick to show off to your friends and family!

Do some redesigning

Being a student, it’s important to have a comfortable and personalized working space. Paint your room a new, soothing colour, rearrange your desk and shelves, or pick out some useful gadgets to make your working experience effective. Whatever it may be, make your space yours and enjoy the atmosphere you’ll be working in. Watching all those HGTV shows might come in handy now!

Challenge your friends or family

If you’re into a little competition, create some challenges to involve your close ones. Whether it be baking or cooking, fitness, learning a party trick like juggling or magic tricks, get creative with the challenge and see what you as a group can accomplish. It’ll be entertaining to see how well the challenges are done and watch all the talent unravel!

Check out some fairs or markets

During the summertime, there are always outdoor events that bring community members together. Events like farmers’ markets and food festivals give you the chance to try new things and support small and local businesses. Popular ones include the Main Street Markham Farmers’ Market, the Toronto Food Truck Festival 2021, and Hamilton’s Food and Drink Fest.

Summer break is the time for fun, relaxation, and new experiences. So call your friends and family, pick a place to explore, and make some memories. Tell us what you’ve been up to this summer or if you’ve done anything exciting in the comments on Instagram!

By: Riya Parmar

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is the student-elected society that represents over 13,000+ full-time undergraduate commerce students attending the Ted Rogers

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Ted Rogers Students' Society

Ted Rogers Students' Society

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is the student-elected society that represents over 13,000+ full-time undergraduate commerce students attending the Ted Rogers

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