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How to Workout and Create a Routine

Now that gyms are open, many of us are making the effort to better ourselves by working out. Exercise is a foundational part of being healthy, and the benefits of consistent exercise can lead to a longer life, better mental health, and so much more! As many of us are starting their fitness journeys, a lot of uncertainty can arise when starting it. For those who have worked out before, you might learn something new. Here are some tips for working out!

It’s important to understand what you want to achieve by exercising.

Choose a goal and focus on it

It’s important to fully understand exactly what you want to achieve while exercising. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a specific sport or activity, there are many different options for working out. For example, marathon runners train to increase running distance so they increase their distance every session to continuously improve. Cardiovascular training such as running outdoors is a great way to prepare for a marathon. Make sure to apply these principles to your workouts — so that you can work towards and better define your goals!

It is just as important to eat properly to match your fitness goals.

Eat healthy

As you workout, it is just as important that you eat properly to match your fitness goals. It can be said that half of the process to improve your physique can be attributed to your eating habits, so it’s not something that you should ignore. Junior Chickens from McDonalds won’t cut it when you need to trim down and reduce unnecessary calories, just like protein intake is important while bulking to build muscle. You can create a meal plan and prepare meals pre-hand to avoid the temptations of your cravings, and track your calorie intake if necessary. With that said, enjoy a cheat day once in a while!

What’s better than jamming to Drake while working out?

Listen to music or podcasts

What’s better than jamming to Drake while working out? While we love music, it’s a great idea to use it as motivation for your workouts too. A fast-paced rap song can boost your adrenaline and help you get those extra reps, or boost your confidence to add another plate. If music isn’t your thing, you can double your productivity by listening to podcasts. Whether it be educational or for entertainment, it’s a great way to multitask and complete multiple things during your day. A great time to use your AirPods!

A great way to motivate yourself is by getting things that encourage you to workout.

Motivate yourself with rewards and be disciplined

Working out can be physically and mentally exhausting. You have to commit yourself to a consistent routine through motivation and discipline, which can be hard. A great way to get yourself motivated is by getting things that will encourage you to workout. A nice workout outfit can make you feel like you’re an active person, or it could be a reward for when you reach a new goal. When motivation fades away, set a routine so that you can’t get away from your goals. For example, schedule an hour in between classes where you always go to the gym so that it would feel weird or like something’s missing not to go and it becomes second nature. Going to the gym is half the battle, so set yourself up for success!

It’s much easier to workout following someone as a beginner.

Have a gym partner or friend group

It’s much easier to workout when you have someone to follow or guide you, especially if you are a beginner. While it can be intimidating to go to the gym alone, going with someone reduces that fear. You can take turns on exercises, discuss fitness related topics, and motivate one another. If you don’t know many people who workout, try to talk to new people who you see frequently at the gym and make new friends (just don’t interrupt them mid-set). If you’re competitive, having friendly competition can help you reach new heights! If you’re looking for a gym buddy, make sure to join the TRSS Discord or Facebook group and talk to others there, you never know, you might just meet your next gym buddy there!

We all have idols and people who we look up to.

Follow influencers and experts

We all have idols and people who we look up to. There are many great fitness influencers, experts, and veterans who can guide you through your workout journey. Chris Bumstead is a Canadian bodybuilder who uploads videos to his YouTube channel, showing some of his workout routines and recommendations. Chloe Ting is a fitness personality whose at-home workouts help her viewers achieve their fitness goals. There are influencers for different types of workouts, depending on what you want to achieve. It’s important to remember that these people have dedicated their lives to their fitness, so don’t feel like you are behind, it’s just an example of what anyone can do with hard work!

While we can put effort into workouts, we have to do them right to see the results.

Maintain good form

While we can put a lot of effort into our workouts, we have to do them right to see the results. It can be easy to lift weights by using our entire body, but it is necessary to use specific muscles to work them and make them stronger. When doing bicep curls, freezing the elbows helps isolate your biceps so that they can be focused on to work them as much as possible. Talk to a personal trainer, staff member, or friend who can help teach you the basics of your workout, so that you can make sure you’re on the right track. Start your exercises right, then the rest will be automatic!

Ultimately, working out is a lifestyle that you commit to and gives as much as you put in.

These are just some of our ideas to help create a workout routine but there are many more that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Ultimately, working out is a lifestyle that you commit to and gives you as much as you put in. While everyone is different, you should definitely find time to workout because it’s beneficial to your health. Use these tips to assess the best workouts for you, how you want to do it, and what kind of person you want to be and feel like. I wish you the best in your fitness journey!

By: Sukhman Basi



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